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Cell Therapy & Rejuvenation

Doctor Consultation :
To determine the medical protocol and procedure which tailored-made for individual person in order to find the way to improve your health, beauty and well-being.

Live Blood Analysis :
Novavida Health Screening method to examine the health risks of several organ system.

Cell Therapy :
Novavida Innovation for Cellular treatment to enhance the vitality of cellular level body and health.

Immune Booster :
Novavida treatment to enhance the total body immunology for many specific problems related to immune system.

Rejuvenation Face and Neck :
Revitalize the face and neck by signature beauty Novavida cell treatment and PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma).

Rejuvenation Whole Body :
Pampering the whole body and vitalize the body system with Novavida treatment to energize total body from within.

Placenta Mask :
Special formula of Placenta Mask bring skin essential into deep skin.