Electro Interstital Scan (EIS)

EIS is a holistic health examination that check 37 organs in your body and tell you the results in a fast accurate manner without blood test.

EIS is a holistic health examination that examin the 37 organs of your body and let you know the most accurate result with very little time, without blood test.

The Electro Interstitial Scan use the method of ‘Bio Feedback’ to send electric current into the body to measure the resistance of water between each organ. If the cells or the organs is having irregular activities, the electric current will distinguished it almost immediately, it only takes about 5 minutes for the whole body scan. The reading results by your physician can let you know right away what organ is not acting regularly. It can also shows any irregulars in your body and the tendency for which the organs will suffer ailments in the future, even without any symptoms.

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