Food Intolerance

The nature has created the human body to be resilient to all kinds of germs when we were born. While we were babies, we rely on our mother’s immune system to protect us. After that we create our own immune system. If the immune system was not form properly, then we risk having various types of illness.

When we talk about allergy, we think of seasonal allergy such as allergy to dust, cat, pollen. When these particles go into the patient’s system, they might sneeze or have rashes. For food allergy, we think of patients with respiratory problems, they have rahses and might have a shock. These types of allergy is called “acute allergy” where our white blood cells create an antibody IgE which can create a severe food allergy.

However, there is another type of allergy that is very common nowadays which is a called ‘food intolerance’. For this type of allergy, the body creates the antibody IgG which was created to vend of the substance that could cause allergy, the problem is that sometimes the antibody IgG that the body creates, start to attack our own tissue, this happens slowing over long period of time whenever we consume certain type of food. This is a hidden allergy that can cause to the termination of an organ without us knowing the real cause.

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