IV Nutrition Drip

IV NUTRITION DRIP helps provide your body with nutrients, vitamins, and intravenous minerals. This is a program that can help rejuvinate your cell. It can also help solve chronic problems that could not be cured by drugs, such as, such as fatigue, insomnia, lethargic, which are symptoms that if left chronic will caused bigger problems later.

Through IV your body can absorb the vitamins, nutrients, or even medicine much faster. It can absorb these elements 100% and it will penetrate into the cell levels, while taking it orally or through the skin, our body can only absorb around 10% of what was apply. That is why it is not as effective as giving your body the nutrients it needs through IV drip. Other than this certain nutrients such as Amino Acid and other vitamins, while taken through the disgestive system can create gas or discomfort. This is why IV drip will not create any of these side effects.

Nutrition Or IV Nutrition Drip is a new health care method that is becoming a trend and social activity that is on the rise. Our service is aim to bring comfort into your experience. Let the nutrients of life pass through pass directly into your bloodstream. These nutrients and vitamins for you will be specifically perscribed by your physician according to your personal treatment history.

What Is The Benefits Of IV Nutrition Drip?

Each IV Drip’s formula has a different purpose and the physician will apply the most suitable one for you, the list includes:

·        To replace the lack of nutrients in people with impaired nutrient absorption

·        To restore the body’s internal organs

·        To eliminate free radicals that are the cause of premature aging

·        To rid your body of heavy metal toxins accumulated in tissues and blood vessels

·        Helps increase immunity in the body to be strong and refriehsed

·        To nourish the skin to look radiant, youthful

·        Weight control with the right diet program

Why Choose Novavida For Your IVF Treatment

1. Novavida is different than your typical clinic, we not only offer the generic vitamin drip, we can espcially design personalized infusion just for your condition.

2. Every single vitamin formula that was chosen to be featured at Novavida has been through a process of selection, we only carry the very best premiu ingredients. The IVF drip is especially created in a controlled environment under the supervision of physician from American Board of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine

3. During the IVF drip, Novavida has a special Laser Watch Device using the Medical Laser technology from Germany to help ease the pain, boost immune system, increase serotonin to help you with sleeping.




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