Ozone Therapy is the method to add natural ozone to the cell in your body to create immune system and effectiveness of your body.

Ozone Therapy is the method to add natural Ozone to the cell in your body to create immune system and to increase effectiveness of your body.

In the process of Ozone Therapy, the nurse will draw around 180-200 cc of blood and add the Ozone to the blood, then injecting it back into the patient’s body. Ozone will create the oxidation to kill or slow down the bacteria, fungi, viruses and microorganisms all without using the oxygen in the body. It can help change the toxins and waste accumulated in the body into substances that are non-toxic, which then will be safely discharged through the liver and kidneys. It will also help boost our body to create enough white blood cell to protect itself.

Ozone Therapy is suitable for people whose body has high acidity, acid-alkaline balance, or poor blood circulation system. As a result of these factors the body insufficient oxygen, causing illness, fatigue, lack of energy, including patients with chronic allergies or infections. Other than this, Ozone can be used for beauty pruposes, such as injection as acne treatment.

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